Tuesday, November 29, 2005

this post is all about turtles

ford owns the three best turtles in the whole world
(he recently got a little snapping turtle, which i am deathly scared of)
turtles like to run on the ground and play
they are freaked out by us huge human beings so they run for cover whenever they have a chance


Sunday, November 27, 2005

mmm.. bop

i hate thanksgiving.
the fam got mad at me because i wore my lumberjack outfit to dinner.
i applied at savers
(fingers are still crossed that they'll call me back, hm?)
bought my sister a wound in her lip
happy uber be-lated bday, biotch.
i decided to purchase one for myself, also.

can't drink beer, can't promote yeast.
ford buys me a bottle of vodka
i'm blacked out by 12

some highschool kid claims he spotted me in my pink undies in the wee morning hours
i have no memory of this
i wake up next to ford and a puddle of puke
"i puked?"
"fuck yeah. you were passed out. then all of a sudden you sat straight up in bed and said, FUCK. I GOTTA PUKE. so you leaned over me and puked off the side of the bed. i said FUCK, JULIE! and then you were all like IT'S COOL MAN, NONE GOT ON THE BED."
7am phonecall to my little sister
make her come pick me up
desperate search throughout ford's entire house
"ford. where the fuck are my sneakers? i'm taking your construction boots."
(8pm phonecall: "julie. i found your sneakers. they were in the dish cabinet." WTF?)
supposedly the night consisted of ford and i sitting on his bathroom floor and me sobbing uncontrollably.
i heard i threw my shoes at the wall a lot, too.
no memory.
nathan love made an appearance last night
a nice unexpected surprise

i miss the way things used to be
but i don't miss the way i used to be

xiu xiu is a new found love of mine.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


blech. toledo again.
i convinced myself i never had to come back.
4 hour drive from athens
i slept in the back of the truck the whole time
wishing everything could be like it used to
wainwright sisters sharing one car
not cool
bright eyes constantly playing in the cd
aching aching aching
no one here tonight that i actually want to hang out with
where's ford?
how can i do this for 6 weeks?
i'm counting the days till i go back
its a sad state.
i want to see YOOUU
read read read books
listen to tunes.

take me away, love.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

finals week

eeek i started my period and the cramps are hurtyyyy
i was wondering why my bowels were more liquid than usual today

jill, assley and i all re-scheduled for work
we're basically taking over shives
5 days a week
i'm the new icecream woman
m & w nights, come get some treatttss!

these last few days have consisted of national geographic channel marathons all day every day
(theres a new boy hanging around zee hood, i'll tell you about him another time)

we decided that we drink more on finals week than any other week of the quarter
fucking OU, hahaaa
pre-new years party last night.
crazy chugging alchy-hol at timmys for pre-dance party
my armpits were sweating up a storm
(check out zee moblog for pics, i'll update soon)
we hit the casa
fucking doorman was being dickfuckly
i was hoping they'd be chillaxed as usual
but the lil boosie even asked jill for her soc #
what the fuck, bad news in my book.
dance dance dance to the DJ
timmy makes out with everyone
dance dance dance
chug beers
pour beers down everyone's throat i recognized
ava looks sad = needs beer
pour beer down ava's throat
aaand fucking butch with dreads standing behind us is all
jill sets off the fire alarm as we're being pushed out
(sweetest revenge EVERRR)
stumble home through a tornado
and dance party in my room till 3 in the morning
jillian: "i'm not weird, i'm WASTED"
me: "we're just hippies that like to DANCE"
assley: head bangs to andrew w.k. like its her job
i sit on the futon with a boosie and laugh laugh laugh
assley toilet papers her OWN ROOM
(i pick my nose)
then decides she can tape her door shut with masking tape
(doesn't work)

thirsty thursday
coronas + lime + highlife = i love my life.

i know i'm supposed to be writing a 3 page paper about crime as a social problem
but my mouth tastes like cigarettes (don't ask)
and i decided my blog is lonely.
drop it like its hawt.

Monday, November 14, 2005

its better now.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

and want

i want there to be a god
so i could pray pray pray

and feel better about wanting what i can't have
i want this
i want this

this is fact not fiction
for the first time in years.

Friday, November 11, 2005

skizzle dizzle

hazy thursday:
drunski at timmys
chugging vodka
stumble bumble to the union
dance dance dance to the dj
love of my lifes are everywhere

grind on gay guy who lives down the hall. hot.
makeout with pretty girls (not again, julie)
"are you officially bi-sexual now, or what?" (jason)
rolling around in timmys bed yayayaaaa ayaya
walk home by myself 430 am
no pictures to show you all. poo.
everyone left me today..
so i will sit in front of the tv and eat icecream by myself.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ramble. pointless. makes no sense.

i dont get relationships.
at all.
i was sitting on the toilet today (it was just a piss, aka quick thought)
and i realized that i don't fucking understand relationships.
i've been discussing them quite a bit lately
(girliofriends breaking up with boyfriends, people having relationship sex problems, blah blah)
i mean, i've dated a couple boos (nothing serious since highschool because i'm basically anti boyfriends at this point in my career)
but i've never been broken up with
so maybe thats what i don't get..
i don't understand how two people can have a commitment with one another
and then one decides they don't want to do it anymore
so, it comes to a point when they are like "hey, i don't like you anymore, we have to break up"

like, when do you decide you don't like somebody?
and when do you decide you tell them?
(and i have a feeling no one does, and they don't realize it until the END, and then they break up or not and they just stick it through it and it fucking sucks and thats why there are so many horrible relationships in the world and everyone feels the need to complain to me about THEIRS)
maybe im still a small child in a big world who needs to learn learn learn
that's why i'm anti - relationship
anti - boys
(and fuck things up a lot)

on a side note:
listen to idiot pilot..
ive been obsessed.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


storm inside my head today.
not a day like this in a long time.
work on a hurty foot.
come home to take an hour nap, turns into 3 hours.
shitty mood (start).
history class, stare at the back of his head for an hour.

try to take up as least space AS POSSIBLE.
kid next to me smells like cigarettes, itches his balls every two seconds, fucking gets on my nerves, i want to throw shit at his face.
limpy gimpy to the doc's, see a familiar face on the way
(a face that makes the day a little better).
shoes, socks off, hop up on the table.
(apologize for my stinky feet, i've been wearing the shoes all day, i wiped tables down at the dining hall for 2 hours this morning)
creepy x-ray tech, touches my sweaty foot for a few seconds too long.
gives me heavy blue pad to put on my tummy box.
"so my babies don't die?"
"something like that." (still touching my clammy toes).
spreads the phalanges, weird buzzing noise.
hop down off table,
socks on,
pumas on.
sit in the waiting room staring at Arabic couple, pretend i understand Arabic, get pissed at husband for saying shitty things to his wife.
(mad i'm not married.)
toes not broken, i was just hallucinating again.
x ray costs my parents 22 bucks, i don't really care.
home to read about communism, stare at my computer screen for 4 hours.
dinner with annie, see pretty faces,
pretty faces.
lounge around timmys apartment with assley all night, conversation turns to sex.

sex sex sex
for an hour.
bad mood (end).
and that was my day.
minus several details.
thats all i felt like telling you about.
thanks for reading.

storms a-brewing

i went to the doctors today (hudson, for all you Athens folk)..
the dickhead told me my toe ISN'T broken
what the shit
i'm pissed
if my toe is going to hurt this effing bad
it better be broken.
i've decided i'm going to buy a cane
and hit people in the shins with it

Monday, November 07, 2005

a reply

holy shit. i love my mother:

Julie, go to the doctor if it gets worse. Usually there is not much for the doctor to do. I was told that doctor is likely to wrap your toe around to keep the toe straight. I am glad that things look good. I will tell Dad about your "new" bike. He has been busy fixing the printer for the last couple of days. Besides, don't use the f word again! I highlighted the word for you. Please, please! be more polite.

love, mom

julie wrote:
yesterday my friend and i spray painted her yellow and red it is fucking awesome. i made a new friend i love her we hung out last night, but i dont know if she likes me because she might think im too wild or something. who knows. i dont know what else to write about. i love you so much it makes my heart hurt. email is better than phones.

love love love,

Sunday, November 06, 2005

WE ADOPTED A BIKE! aka letter to the fam

too lazy to write a blog, so i just c&ped the letter i wrote the fam. enjoy.

mom i broke my toe today and it hurts so bad that every time i move it it makes me want to puke and cry. i dont remember how i broke it. i saw a movie today with my friends. i met this guy named timmy on the internet and we hang out all the time, hes a very good person. i'm excited to come home for thanksgiving but at the same time i am having so much fun here at school, learning and loving and making new friends. amy i tried to call you today but you haven't called me back yet. its okay, i know you are busy. im scared i am going crazy inside my head. i bought old man pants at the thrift store and i wear them always. i love them. i love thrift stores. i generally wear the same clothes for days at a time or until they smell. i miss everyone. mom, tell tuffy i love him even though i think he hates me. i have spray paint all over my hands and it is getting EVERYWHERE. oh i forgot to tell you guys that we found a bike and we named her banana and it has no brakes and both of the tires are flat. i want to bring it home with me over break so dad can help me fix it up. yesterday my friend and i spray painted her yellow and red it is fucking awesome. i made a new friend. i love her, we hung out last night, but i dont know if she likes me because she might think im too wild or something. who knows. i dont know what else to write about. i love you so much it makes my heart hurt. email is better than phones.

love love love,

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

appy-polly-loggies, loves.

i apologize.
i've gotten side tracked the last month or so.. i told myself i would WRITE and WRITE, but the drinking & whatnot makes me a busy beee! halloween was ridick. caki came down, we wrecked havoc on the streets of athens. random: frat house above Court Street, Sarah the neighbor and i hanging out the window, seeing mosh pit on the corner of Washington & Court "LETS GO THEREEE!! running downstairs, elbowing our way through the crowd, THROUGH the moshpit, and all the way up to the front, where i am handed a beer which i immediately chug. crazy crowd, both of us groped by hot guy behind us. tons of bruises, love love love. andy milonakis + tina turner = hottest couple of the century. my blackness rubbed off everywhere, you can still see traces of it around the rumba. check out zee moblog for pics, i update rather frequently. randomness: my sister told me last night that there was a stabbing at Matt & Matt's over the weekend, and the police thought my black handprint on a random wall was a bloody handprint.. AWESOME. heavy drinking last night @ Timmy's with Assley. it was my mission to get him drink, and BOYEEE you best believe we all did. headed up to the Union for the Koufax show. fucking blast. opening band didn't rock my socks, but the cover they played of Roxanne sure did. random: Assley peeing in the bathroom, me screaming: OH MY GOD! ITS ROXANNE! HURRY THE FUCK UP YOU BITCH! WE HAVE TO GET OUT THEREEE! haha, it was a good time. saw mass familiar faces: econ boy i have eye sex with, Jamie from last year, Steve the Frosh. i'm behind in all my readings aka i have to read 2 books by the end of this week.. but fuck that, ass & i are doing laundry and watching Eyes Wide Shut tonight. werd.