Wednesday, November 02, 2005

appy-polly-loggies, loves.

i apologize.
i've gotten side tracked the last month or so.. i told myself i would WRITE and WRITE, but the drinking & whatnot makes me a busy beee! halloween was ridick. caki came down, we wrecked havoc on the streets of athens. random: frat house above Court Street, Sarah the neighbor and i hanging out the window, seeing mosh pit on the corner of Washington & Court "LETS GO THEREEE!! running downstairs, elbowing our way through the crowd, THROUGH the moshpit, and all the way up to the front, where i am handed a beer which i immediately chug. crazy crowd, both of us groped by hot guy behind us. tons of bruises, love love love. andy milonakis + tina turner = hottest couple of the century. my blackness rubbed off everywhere, you can still see traces of it around the rumba. check out zee moblog for pics, i update rather frequently. randomness: my sister told me last night that there was a stabbing at Matt & Matt's over the weekend, and the police thought my black handprint on a random wall was a bloody handprint.. AWESOME. heavy drinking last night @ Timmy's with Assley. it was my mission to get him drink, and BOYEEE you best believe we all did. headed up to the Union for the Koufax show. fucking blast. opening band didn't rock my socks, but the cover they played of Roxanne sure did. random: Assley peeing in the bathroom, me screaming: OH MY GOD! ITS ROXANNE! HURRY THE FUCK UP YOU BITCH! WE HAVE TO GET OUT THEREEE! haha, it was a good time. saw mass familiar faces: econ boy i have eye sex with, Jamie from last year, Steve the Frosh. i'm behind in all my readings aka i have to read 2 books by the end of this week.. but fuck that, ass & i are doing laundry and watching Eyes Wide Shut tonight. werd.


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