Tuesday, November 08, 2005


storm inside my head today.
not a day like this in a long time.
work on a hurty foot.
come home to take an hour nap, turns into 3 hours.
shitty mood (start).
history class, stare at the back of his head for an hour.

try to take up as least space AS POSSIBLE.
kid next to me smells like cigarettes, itches his balls every two seconds, fucking gets on my nerves, i want to throw shit at his face.
limpy gimpy to the doc's, see a familiar face on the way
(a face that makes the day a little better).
shoes, socks off, hop up on the table.
(apologize for my stinky feet, i've been wearing the shoes all day, i wiped tables down at the dining hall for 2 hours this morning)
creepy x-ray tech, touches my sweaty foot for a few seconds too long.
gives me heavy blue pad to put on my tummy box.
"so my babies don't die?"
"something like that." (still touching my clammy toes).
spreads the phalanges, weird buzzing noise.
hop down off table,
socks on,
pumas on.
sit in the waiting room staring at Arabic couple, pretend i understand Arabic, get pissed at husband for saying shitty things to his wife.
(mad i'm not married.)
toes not broken, i was just hallucinating again.
x ray costs my parents 22 bucks, i don't really care.
home to read about communism, stare at my computer screen for 4 hours.
dinner with annie, see pretty faces,
pretty faces.
lounge around timmys apartment with assley all night, conversation turns to sex.

sex sex sex
for an hour.
bad mood (end).
and that was my day.
minus several details.
thats all i felt like telling you about.
thanks for reading.


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this is pretty.

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