Wednesday, November 16, 2005

finals week

eeek i started my period and the cramps are hurtyyyy
i was wondering why my bowels were more liquid than usual today

jill, assley and i all re-scheduled for work
we're basically taking over shives
5 days a week
i'm the new icecream woman
m & w nights, come get some treatttss!

these last few days have consisted of national geographic channel marathons all day every day
(theres a new boy hanging around zee hood, i'll tell you about him another time)

we decided that we drink more on finals week than any other week of the quarter
fucking OU, hahaaa
pre-new years party last night.
crazy chugging alchy-hol at timmys for pre-dance party
my armpits were sweating up a storm
(check out zee moblog for pics, i'll update soon)
we hit the casa
fucking doorman was being dickfuckly
i was hoping they'd be chillaxed as usual
but the lil boosie even asked jill for her soc #
what the fuck, bad news in my book.
dance dance dance to the DJ
timmy makes out with everyone
dance dance dance
chug beers
pour beers down everyone's throat i recognized
ava looks sad = needs beer
pour beer down ava's throat
aaand fucking butch with dreads standing behind us is all
jill sets off the fire alarm as we're being pushed out
(sweetest revenge EVERRR)
stumble home through a tornado
and dance party in my room till 3 in the morning
jillian: "i'm not weird, i'm WASTED"
me: "we're just hippies that like to DANCE"
assley: head bangs to andrew w.k. like its her job
i sit on the futon with a boosie and laugh laugh laugh
assley toilet papers her OWN ROOM
(i pick my nose)
then decides she can tape her door shut with masking tape
(doesn't work)

thirsty thursday
coronas + lime + highlife = i love my life.

i know i'm supposed to be writing a 3 page paper about crime as a social problem
but my mouth tastes like cigarettes (don't ask)
and i decided my blog is lonely.
drop it like its hawt.


Blogger Sami said...

thirsty thursday sounds yumtastic.
goddamn double final friday.
(but yay for the goblet of fire)

8:51 AM  
Blogger Sami said...

p.s. i LoOOOOOOve you.

12:49 AM  
Blogger Mizz Julay said...

yaaaayyyyy for sloppy saturday
and dance parties at timmys
shit gets wild wild.


8:00 AM  

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