Sunday, November 27, 2005

mmm.. bop

i hate thanksgiving.
the fam got mad at me because i wore my lumberjack outfit to dinner.
i applied at savers
(fingers are still crossed that they'll call me back, hm?)
bought my sister a wound in her lip
happy uber be-lated bday, biotch.
i decided to purchase one for myself, also.

can't drink beer, can't promote yeast.
ford buys me a bottle of vodka
i'm blacked out by 12

some highschool kid claims he spotted me in my pink undies in the wee morning hours
i have no memory of this
i wake up next to ford and a puddle of puke
"i puked?"
"fuck yeah. you were passed out. then all of a sudden you sat straight up in bed and said, FUCK. I GOTTA PUKE. so you leaned over me and puked off the side of the bed. i said FUCK, JULIE! and then you were all like IT'S COOL MAN, NONE GOT ON THE BED."
7am phonecall to my little sister
make her come pick me up
desperate search throughout ford's entire house
"ford. where the fuck are my sneakers? i'm taking your construction boots."
(8pm phonecall: "julie. i found your sneakers. they were in the dish cabinet." WTF?)
supposedly the night consisted of ford and i sitting on his bathroom floor and me sobbing uncontrollably.
i heard i threw my shoes at the wall a lot, too.
no memory.
nathan love made an appearance last night
a nice unexpected surprise

i miss the way things used to be
but i don't miss the way i used to be

xiu xiu is a new found love of mine.


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