Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ramble. pointless. makes no sense.

i dont get relationships.
at all.
i was sitting on the toilet today (it was just a piss, aka quick thought)
and i realized that i don't fucking understand relationships.
i've been discussing them quite a bit lately
(girliofriends breaking up with boyfriends, people having relationship sex problems, blah blah)
i mean, i've dated a couple boos (nothing serious since highschool because i'm basically anti boyfriends at this point in my career)
but i've never been broken up with
so maybe thats what i don't get..
i don't understand how two people can have a commitment with one another
and then one decides they don't want to do it anymore
so, it comes to a point when they are like "hey, i don't like you anymore, we have to break up"

like, when do you decide you don't like somebody?
and when do you decide you tell them?
(and i have a feeling no one does, and they don't realize it until the END, and then they break up or not and they just stick it through it and it fucking sucks and thats why there are so many horrible relationships in the world and everyone feels the need to complain to me about THEIRS)
maybe im still a small child in a big world who needs to learn learn learn
that's why i'm anti - relationship
anti - boys
(and fuck things up a lot)

on a side note:
listen to idiot pilot..
ive been obsessed.


Blogger ccaptious said...

I'm glad chicks don't get it too!

4:48 PM  

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