Friday, November 11, 2005

skizzle dizzle

hazy thursday:
drunski at timmys
chugging vodka
stumble bumble to the union
dance dance dance to the dj
love of my lifes are everywhere

grind on gay guy who lives down the hall. hot.
makeout with pretty girls (not again, julie)
"are you officially bi-sexual now, or what?" (jason)
rolling around in timmys bed yayayaaaa ayaya
walk home by myself 430 am
no pictures to show you all. poo.
everyone left me today..
so i will sit in front of the tv and eat icecream by myself.


Blogger Sami said...

i am the lamest person alive.
i will definitely call you during green turky so that you can berate me.
because i deserve it.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Mizz Julay said...

hmm i posted this yesterday but it never showed up, poo:
lame turkey was fucking ridick. you didn't call me asshole.
things got wild.
i have pics, check out zee moblog, theres not a lot but whatev.
mickey got naked.
i got drunk.
(not a big surprise)
and i love you for commenting on my blog, you may be the only one who reads it, actually.


2:51 PM  

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