Sunday, November 06, 2005

WE ADOPTED A BIKE! aka letter to the fam

too lazy to write a blog, so i just c&ped the letter i wrote the fam. enjoy.

mom i broke my toe today and it hurts so bad that every time i move it it makes me want to puke and cry. i dont remember how i broke it. i saw a movie today with my friends. i met this guy named timmy on the internet and we hang out all the time, hes a very good person. i'm excited to come home for thanksgiving but at the same time i am having so much fun here at school, learning and loving and making new friends. amy i tried to call you today but you haven't called me back yet. its okay, i know you are busy. im scared i am going crazy inside my head. i bought old man pants at the thrift store and i wear them always. i love them. i love thrift stores. i generally wear the same clothes for days at a time or until they smell. i miss everyone. mom, tell tuffy i love him even though i think he hates me. i have spray paint all over my hands and it is getting EVERYWHERE. oh i forgot to tell you guys that we found a bike and we named her banana and it has no brakes and both of the tires are flat. i want to bring it home with me over break so dad can help me fix it up. yesterday my friend and i spray painted her yellow and red it is fucking awesome. i made a new friend. i love her, we hung out last night, but i dont know if she likes me because she might think im too wild or something. who knows. i dont know what else to write about. i love you so much it makes my heart hurt. email is better than phones.

love love love,


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