Monday, December 19, 2005


soooo i vacationed at my sister's place in chicago for the past couple of days
took the train out, was supposed to leave at 6 in the morning
too bad i had to wait in the train station for 4 hours.
holy shit.
i was supposed to get in to chicago at 9:30, yah, let's try 3pm.
blech. anyhow,
the weekend was fun.

next time i go to chi my plan is to ride the train ALL DAY
sears tower. yummy restuarants. sudoku. shop shop shop. bums (whom i gave all my change to)
nothing too exciting, but it was nice to get out of the boring city of toledo for once.
i've officially decided that i'm moving to chicago once i am finished with OU

(this city NEEDS me)
super depressed now that i'm back in the little home
a week until christmas, two until school
and all i want to do tonight is DRINK
too bad ford has been M.I.A. for a week.

Friday, December 09, 2005

an update on the turtle situation

old man pants.

this winter is going to be horrible.
not having a job is taking its toll
i drink every single night
and i started attending the bars again -

lately i have been obsessed with dancing with old men.
for example:

"where's your wife?"
"i don't have one! she left me cus she didn't like all the partyin! where's your husband?"
i danced with this fellow all night
guys my age kept trying to cut in
i think they felt sorry for me
he was an expert at the old man dance
and he bought me beer.

anyway -
shane decided he wanted a keg for this weekend
he was going to go with natty light ($70)
but molson XXX was on sale ($44)
so uh
keg weekend part two

everyone last night kept telling me the beer tasted like shit
but dude
i thought it was delicious.
(this may be the reason i was blacked out by 12)
woke up sandwiched between shane and cameron
wearing boys blue basketball shorts
no underwear
i saw a lot of boys' balls last night
not by choice

Friday, December 02, 2005


no, not detroit
not columbus,
fucking t-town.
shit's ridick.
and even though they are playing with a bunch of shitty bands -
aaaand of course the night they play in toledo
falls on the last day of exams

keg weekend at fords.
should be an interesting one -
i IMed (a lover) last night with this:

j u i z thrice (2:25:57 AM): BOYYYYY would iLOVE TO JOIN an dim comp-letey WASTED amd o ;pve your face so much i want o hump it and it makex ME XSSICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! holy shit urrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it hurts your aRE SO SEXY owwwww ooooo owww holy holky it makes my thights quiver in a good way!!!!!!!!
j u i z thrice (2:26:29 AM): yyayayyay ooo hot tuff YU*MMM YUMMJY UMMMMM :]

it was a rough one.
2 more nights to go.
i'm going to DIE DIE DIE
i like re-friending people that i've de-friended
esp. john joel
even though he showed my tits to random people
and screamed at me for drinking his beerio
(and then proceeded to tell the whole hood that i'm a dumb cunt and when he sees me he's going to spit in my face)
we can still be boys.
we're boys.
i missed him.
nucca p hung out last night.
first time in a long time.
i fed her lots of beer.