Friday, December 09, 2005

old man pants.

this winter is going to be horrible.
not having a job is taking its toll
i drink every single night
and i started attending the bars again -

lately i have been obsessed with dancing with old men.
for example:

"where's your wife?"
"i don't have one! she left me cus she didn't like all the partyin! where's your husband?"
i danced with this fellow all night
guys my age kept trying to cut in
i think they felt sorry for me
he was an expert at the old man dance
and he bought me beer.

anyway -
shane decided he wanted a keg for this weekend
he was going to go with natty light ($70)
but molson XXX was on sale ($44)
so uh
keg weekend part two

everyone last night kept telling me the beer tasted like shit
but dude
i thought it was delicious.
(this may be the reason i was blacked out by 12)
woke up sandwiched between shane and cameron
wearing boys blue basketball shorts
no underwear
i saw a lot of boys' balls last night
not by choice


Blogger Sami said...

haha this sounds fun.
and your hair ROCKS.

11:13 AM  

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