Sunday, January 22, 2006


i needed to go home this weekend to get my hurr cut,
so bron and i planned a little roadtrip - cbus at his rents house for dinner friday night, then off to toledo for fri & sat, cbus for lunch on sunday, and then athens -
i needed to get to toledo on friday night cus it was my very good friend john joels bday party -
he told me he was having a hairy buff (in a hotel room), and was super pissed i couldnt make it

buuuuut, i showed up anyway & we surprised him with CAKE!
the hairy buff was ridiculously disgusting - but i drank 2 glasses anyway
for some reason i felt the need to bring my little sister, Caki, to the party

bron had a siezure. it wasn't really a siezure but i don't know what the hell else to call it - he only had had 2 drinks when i look over to see him stumbling bumbling fumbling looking all like he's going to pass out, i'm like what the shit?
john joel "that guy you just ran into just got out of prison for stabbing some drunk guy that ran into him at a party!"
bron said he had blacked out for like 2 seconds
whatev, it was scary - he didn't drink after that, haha

after i had a shot, 2 hairy buffs and around 17 beers i was definetly blacked out.
molls was spilling beer on people's crotches, punching faces with fistfuls of cake (ah, no fears - i woke up with a faceful of cake, also), and twirking it like the true stripper she is

when bron stays the night at my parents house we aren't supposed to sleep in the same bed together - uhhh i def. woke up with crusty ass blue frosting caked in my hair, me sprawled on the futon and bron on the floor. (so much for that rule)

saturday was nice - layed in bed all day, haircut & then dinner with my moms
we didn't want to go out saturday night, cus friday had been a little too ridick and we had to get up early the next morning to head back to cbus - soooo we just got high in the extra bedroom
(we discussed the REAL definition of reality tv, bron made up the word FLURKY, and i laughed hella lot).
i'm over in lala land at my computer when all of a sudden bron's all "uhhh i think i'm going to be SICK"
dude walks over to the BEDROOM WINDOW,
and fucking PUKES out the window of the house, all over the side of my house and into the bushes.
probably the greatest thing i've ever witnessed in my life, honestly.
(he's super embarrassed about it, but i think its wonderful! sorry, bron)
cleaning puke off the side of your girlfriend's parent's house at 3am is the COOLEST

sami, i updated just for YOU, haha

i wanted to post tons & tons of pics in here to illustrate my story but effing blogspot won't let meeee


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