Monday, March 06, 2006


uhhh i don't know how to keep this shit updated, i suck.
anyway, this is what i've been doing..
(cheers to the douche-bag named tucker max)

springbreak almost here -
brian and i are off to chicago to visit amy a few days
and i'm trying to organize a little par-lay for one of the nights i'm home (toledo)


Blogger AmyymA said...

you are so totally hot in that one picture where your lips are all big and juicy and stick out like bananas and when you wear those glasses god you just look like marilyn monroe mixed with cher and i just totally love that look on you maybe i should go blonde right when you go brunette and it would be so cute we would be like sisters or something and then you could be the big sister and i would be the middle sister because god i wouldnt want to be the little sister and then i could go back to college and you could live this totally hot swinging life with your hot bearded boyfriend and pay thousands of dollars a year to go to school in the third largest city in the country and this is what happens when you really dont want to be writing your paper.

6:30 PM  

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